Sunday, March 26, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday to my dear little Advait!

My gooey ooey brownie bar
My coco choco  cookie bite
My crumbly warm apple pie
My very special strawberry strudel
My lil round honey pop

My giggly little gingerbread man
My yummy chubby cuppy cake
My yappy little happy cake
My cutie pie, love you loads!
You charming little 5 year old!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A little bit of magic ..a little bit of wonder..

I am fascinated with small moments that bring a sense of satisfaction at having understood a shade of your inner spectrum which seems like a new perspective at first  then surprises you 'cos you recognize its actually not  something new,but  something you tapped into that was waiting to come to the surface.
A recent journey took me to Kerala, and I was initially thrown off for a bit by the swirling,sweltering heat, since that was not  how I remembered summers in Kerala to be ,back from my childhood days.But soon after the initial stutter, one glance of the vast  sprawling stretches of ancient mammoth temple walls , and the all  familiar sight of bent twisted trunks of lanky coconut trees,was all it took for the mind to go speeding on a comforting and exhilarating backslide,comforting as a feeling of familiarity wrapped around you and exhilarating as long forgotten memories sprung back to life..

I remember feeling a rush of energy slowly spreading across my skin, like it does after a refreshing session of meditation, like it does after soaking in the sun and cool breeze of an early morning, as I stood at the sprawling entrance of the Vadakkunathan temple. 

The sheer vastness surrounding me in that sanctum space, outlined by humongous ancient weather beaten walls that have stood through eons of history and generations brings home the fact that you are just a small part of a much larger miracle!
As I soaked in the magic in the air and the raw earthiness of  the long pristine stone walkways, the welcoming shelter of colossal magnificently old trees, I realized that I was feeling  a sense of recognition, a sense of homecoming in that place,though  it was my first visit there..
Now weeks after, that wonder and fascination  and magic still lingers ,stays with me like the warmth of a loved one's embrace..

Till the next time I am back there..

Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Delightful Darling Nephew is 4! :)


Adored you as I heard you burst into silly little songs of duckies and monkeys
Captivated as I listened to your long colorful stories 
Fascinated as I spied on you humming random little tunes
Enchanted as you gave us your spirited little dances
Awed as you deftly mastered numbers &words, clocks &puzzles
Warmed when you showered your mama with your innocent little nuzzles
Delighted when you gave her a bloom from the garden
Tickled as I saw you hang from your father's knee
And saw your chubby hand peek when you played hide n seek
Excited when I taught you to play Rock Paper Scissors
Contented as you let me read to you about Cleo and Daphne at nap times 
Overjoyed as I watched your splashy fun at bath times
Elated as we licked ice cream bars together and fought for chocolate crisps
Filled with pride when I heard you thank the delivery man, say hello & bye to the local store man
Teared with joy as I saw you stop on sidewalks to listen to a musician’s tune
And you wanted to give him the biggest coin mama had 
Missed your baby tongue say baalah for flower
Thrilled though at your toddler tongue little fellow
As I heard you say cocodile and lellow
Blessed by the joy you give us year after year 
From infant to baby & toddler to preschooler
Here you are, now, years four
Bless you my happy little treasure, keep shining more!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A new day..

Weary feet from a long lonely tread
Frozen heart with cold unsaid fears
Of punishing paths...Of rockier terrain
Of chilling quiet in cloudy mists

A blind turn down an unknown road
Bringing soft purple hues of a graceful sunset
With a tender breeze, a sense of joy stirring
Little white flowers teasing and caressing
A sudden shower crisp cool and fresh
Landing fleeting kisses from silver droplets  
Long buried fears trickle away
As a little seedling of hope bursts forth

Springing to life in bright splashes of color
Tearing away old memories and dark corners
Sparkly joy in new laughter and new dreams

A dazzling new dawn.. Bathing me in warm golden rays

June 2 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

My dear little hero turns 3!

With your itty bitty words, and itty bitty lines
In your special little voice, and that special baby talk
With your varied moods ,your expressions so endearing
Busy all day  jumping and rolling, climbing n hanging
Till your bed time story and say your little prayers

With your happy little smile n chubby little fingers
Your cutesy little kisses that in the heart lingers
With your cozy little cuddles and silly little games
Your warm little hugs like a cute cuddly bear

You fill our hearts with limitless joy,
Our special little lion, our shining pride
Our blessing from God who arrived
This very special day three years ago!

Wish you loads of love, health n cheer now and forever!!

Happy Birthday to my dear little Advait, who’s growing to be a charming smashing Hero!!! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday my dearest lil Advait

Two years ago,this very special day, 
You came like a lil pink flower with chubby round cheeks, 
Pretty black eyes&silky locks of hair  
To light up our lives in your own unique way !

A bright new face with a  wise old soul
With your little steps your little sounds
With your little laughs and your  little cuddles
Every day you makes us whole !

Now running around with chubby lil legs in tiny shoes 
Happy Birthday my dear lil nephew! 
You have an aunt sooo proud you have turned two!!
A huuuge piece of my heart you will always be..

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

For a little bittle 1 year old qweetie pie !:)

 I can sprawl & crawl ,sit & stand ,
And hey guess what ..
I can throw & drop , shake & bang!

I can chuckle & grin ,flash you my smiley
And hey guess what..
I can wave my chubby hand to say Howdie!

I got my very own set of pearly whiteys
And hey guess what ..
I can chew and bite my mommy's phone!

I have been busy off late perfecting my waddle
And hey guess what ..
I can toddle..make sure u hold my hand nice n tight!

Time sure flies when life's such a hoot
And to think the fun's just begun..Toot Toot!
It's time for a party , cake and fun
Cos guess what ..
    I’m turning one!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

                                             CANDLE IN ME

Through the dark stormy clouds 
Came a vibrant streak of lightning flashing

Through the damp grey shroud of a winter mist 
Came a determined ray of early morning 

Through the dense green canopy of a close knit jungle
Came a hopeful trickle of light weaving 

Through the unfathomed depths of a lake standing
Came a persistent shaft of cool moonlight spilling

Through my darkest hour and deepest despair
Through my scalding tears and shattered hopes

Came a hand helping and shoulder consoling

Leading and guiding against pain almost blinding
Shielding the flame struggling and flickering

Of the Candle in me.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


She gave me love
She gave me protection
She gave me warmth
She gave me knowledge
She gave me survival instincts
She gave me the chance to cherish being a sibling
She gave me courage to face my fears head on
She gave me stern lectures to show me black from white
She gave me sharp looks to chisel me into a fine young girl
She gave me skills to become a strong young woman
She gave me encouragement to keep aiming higher
She gave me the power to bloom into independence
She gave me the strength to withstand pain
She gave me the wisdom to understand struggles
She gave me the patience to fight out my battles
She gave me the endurance to experience life's challenges
She gave me the ability to cherish the joy of giving
She gave me the chance to spoil her with  gifts and feel big,
She gave me a sense of belonging
She gave me a sense of peace and security
She gave me a whole lot more which I sense I havent tapped into yet,
A beautiful person,valiantly struggling with her own limitations
Rising willfully above life's rough weathering
Enveloping me in her beam of love and blessing,of protection and caring
Now and always..
She... My mom.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


On a fresh new wave .. 
of awe and gratitude,
of love and happiness,                                       
of purpose and will,                                       
of warmth and blessings..

Comes a dear  little package ..
With  new dreams & new passions,                                       
With  new emotions & new experiences,                                       
With  new learning &new beginnings,

To Touch our lives with brand new Hope..

                                     WELCOME HOME!:)